Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Listen: Ghost Lake - "Late Spring Morning Sunlight"

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Remember the charming Swedish indie pop trio Heart-Sick Groans who's brand new tune "If the Canary Stops Singing" I premiere last month? Of course you do. While they're currently working on the latest EP (and a video for "If the Canary Stops Singing" if Facebook pics are to be believed), one of the lads is stepping out on his own. Henric Wallmark, co-songwriter and producer, is releasing his solo debut as Ghost Lake later this month.

On "Late Spring Morning Sunlight", Ghost Lake trades in the overt catchiness and perfect arrangements of Heart-Sick Groans and offers up something a little more introspective without trading in any of that overabundance of talent. The track is still catchy in the way that's sure to give you a case of earworm, with its craning melodies and plentiful percussion. It's a simple love song that still manages to be heart-warmingly infectious. Check it out.

Ghost Lake's solo debut Late Spring Morning Sunlight EP is out March 15th on THEM Records so look out for it!

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