Friday, April 24, 2015

Listen: Verdensrommet - "Skien" (ft. Chris Holm)

Apparently clues for music discovery comes in threes. After they were namedropped as an influence for a song by Pearl and the Beard on their new album and provided an amazing remix of Sondre Lerche's "Bad Law", it took Norwegian singer/songwriter and member of Norwegian orchestral pop collective Young Dreams Chris Holm's mentioning his involvement in their latest single "Skien" to finally get to me check out Norwegian pop rock sextet Verdensrommet.

After years of releasing single after single Verdensrommet are gearing up to release their self-titled debut full length and it's looking to inhabit a similar but not congruent musical realm as Young Dreams. Where previous efforts "Nytt" and "Sidelengs" fused The Smiths with tropicalia-infused stylings of Matias Tellez or Sondre Lerche at their most Brazilpop-invoking, Verdensrommet's new single "Skien" merely recalls them in the warmly colored melodies. Chris Holm joins Verdensrommet's vocalist Andreas Høvset to trade verses in their native Norwegian to provide a counterpoint to the experience of growing up in Verdensrommet's hometown from which the song takes its title. Holm - the older, wiser voice; Høvset filled with youthful inexperience and wide-eyed carelessness.

"Skien" goes down fairly smooth, it's easy listening vibe felt even if you don't necessarily understand Norwegian. It's melodies are simple but memorable, and it's production interesting in both its steadily increasing drum use and its casual glide into a full on chamber pop jam to make the language barrier pretty much nonexistent.

Considering the seamless nature of Holm's involvement in "Skien", the rest of Verdensrommet's debut seems poised to follow in that regard - enlisting collaborators in rapper Lars Vaular and VERK. Verdensrommet's self-titled debut album is out August 21st on Nabovarsel.

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