Friday, November 27, 2009

Alison Sudol aka A Fine Frenzy

Has anyone hear of Ms. Alison Sudol? I was first introduced to her about two years ago during my winter break when I discovered Sondre Lerche. Lerche featured her on the Dan in Real Life soundtrack singing a sultry cover of Fever and while I didn't particular notice her amazing vocal talent, I soon realized the error of my ways. Her first album One Cell in the Sea is this powerhouse of raw emotion and vocal talent as well as showcasing Ms. Sudol's amazing piano talent. While the album consists of mostly deep almost sorrow-laden ballads it's definitely something to check out regardless of your mood or preference. Sudol recently released her sophomore album Bomb in a Birdcage (taken from the lyrics of the first song on the album) and was described by Sudol herself as being more upbeat, more fun, more bombastic and it definitely doesn't disappoint. While definitely more upbeat and involving way more of the band than her previous album it doesn't lack any of the emotional content or brilliant vocal talent as displayed on her debut. Sudol delivers finely crafted balance between innocent and experienced accounts of love delivered charismatically, playfully, and in a much more positive and hopeful way than her debut. It's definitely a perfect follow up and something to be enjoyed by music lover regardless of genre tastes and perferences.

Enjoy this video of the first single off the new album:

Sunday, August 23, 2009

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