Monday, January 4, 2016

Listen: Pree - "CLOAK"

They may have just released Rima, the follow up to their brilliant debut album Folly, but DC experimental pop quartet Pree are apparently already in the mood for new music if their new single "CLOAK" is any indicator. Released just before Christmas Day, the new single is a perfect cure for your upcoming seasonal effective disorder as it's a warmer take on the wintry holiday-friendly song. "CLOAK" with its passing Santa reference is vague enough to function year-round and not just as a sort of anti-Christmas song. In "CLOAK" May Tabol continues her building block style of lyricism, subtly altering words to shift the meaning of her repeated phrases as she strings them along to make a seasonally appropriate narrative.

Like most of Pree's best songs "CLOAK" feels too short - it's narrative giving out before the infectiousness of its hooks. It's a song that even with its full band instrumental breaks feels like it should go on much longer than it does as Pree opt to leave you craving more instead of wanting less. While it's not exactly clear if Pree have any other new songs prepped to share, "CLOAK" is a delightful placeholder until then.

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