Thursday, February 18, 2016

Listen: Living - "Cerulean"

photo by Simen Peder Aksnes Aarli
There's something about the Bergen's climate - it's snowy winters, it's rainy every time else, that seems to inspire in more than one band, an overwhelming need to recall anywhere else. This sort of musical escapism is nothing new just look at artists like Chris Holm, Sondre Lerche, or Young Dreams whose music outright rejects that wintry chill for warmer textures. Bergen trio Living may just seem like another Scandinavian band dreaming of balmier climates but the lushness of their musical world-building make it clear this band dreams bigger than most.

"Cerulean" may only be the third single from the project helmed by producer Lucas de Almeida but arrives as fully realized and full of bliss-inspiring layering as the most seasoned dream pop purveyor. Similarly to Young Dreams' Matias Tellez, de Almeida draws from South American roots to authentically inform the tropicalia feel of "Cerulean" without relying wholly on it. de Almeida is no doubt a talented producer as he effortless blends samples with more organic sounds in a way where you're not really sure which is which while his vocals seem wonderfully suited to Living's vibrant color palette.

"Cerulean" is out now on Brilliance Records. Listen to their previous single "Florahedron" out late last year via Diamond Club.

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