Thursday, May 5, 2016

Listen: Bloody Beach - "Mezcal Letters"

While I was introduced to Norwegian singer/songwriter/guitarist/everyman Chris Holm primarily through his work as a member of Norwegian orchestral pop outfit Young Dreams, it wasn't long before I discovered the man has his hands in many different pots. His solo effort Kilos melding Young Dreams balmy tropical-infused lushness with sample-laden electronic pop and old school indie rock. And then there's Bloody Beach, in which Holm plays bass, which takes that same sunny musical escapism and pairs it with psych rock.

"Mezcal Letters" is the first single from their five piece's upcoming sophomore record, the follow up to their Nabovarsel debut Bloody Beach Pirate Radio Presents, and pretty much continues in the group's self described tropidelica (both a portmanteau and catch all for all of the groups' combined musical interests in surf and psych rock, dub and afrobeat). "Mezcal Letters", produced by Holm's Young Dreams' bandmate Matias Tellez, curbs much of Bloody Beach's initial punkiness (established in first single "Quembo Que?") in favor of a much more fluid take on tropical pop. While the band has been known to skip around around in terms of sound and tone, there's no denying there's a certain appeal in "Mezcal Letters" consistency. It's smooth, featuring vocal hand-offs from Arne HÃ¥kon Tjelle and Chris Holm, and a bit less chaotic than the dance rock of their debut full length but none of that energy is lost. "Mezcal Letters" for its veritable pleasantness, is still very much a jam. That energy just seems to be more concentrated into some tight-knit grooves and some exciting instrumental flourishes. Considering the quintet's history of experimentation, there's no telling where the group will end up going on their sophomore record but if there's more like "Mezcal Letters" on it, you can certainly sign me up.

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