Monday, February 19, 2018

Pitstop: Great News

Considering that such a sizable chunk of my favorite music discoveries come from artists/bands whose music I already love, I should hardly have been surprised to stumble upon yet another and yet, my introduction to Bergen "daze pop" trio Great News indirectly through the heartfelt congratulations on the release of their debut album Wonderfault from fellow Norwegian rockers Young Dreams still came as a bit of one.

Listening to the band's singles "Wonderfault", "Never Get My Love" and definite album standout "Told", it's easy to see why they would appear to Young Dreams as well as most fans of good music. With bright, vibrant melodies and just the right amount of fuzz, Great News combine elements of traditional pop and psychedelic rock into a infectious blend. Despite the trio's pretty standard guitar-bass-drum set up, the band manage to pretty impressively convey an unmistakable 80s synth pop influence among their host of others in classic and psych rock not unlike bands The War On Drugs, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, or early Tame Impala. With Ole Einarsen's locked in bass grooves, Even Kjelby's angular guitar and vocals melodies, the subtlest hint of synthy effects, and fullness in sound, it's hard to imagine that the band's debut was recorded and produced by the trio themselves but that's very much the case. But the album is deceptively polished despite the band's DIY aesthetic and their wealth of influences doesn't betray the band's own sense of originally and growth from their early singles. Wonderfault is a strong debut from a band very comfortable in their own skin and ardently pursuing the sounds the want. 

Great News' debut full length album Wonderfault is out now on Norwegian label Eget Selskap. But you can nab it from all the standard digital music retailers. Stream the album below:

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