Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Listen: Mr Twin Sister - "Jaipur"

photo by Jennifer Medina
Though not a particularly political band, New York experimental pop outfit Mr Twin Sister has managed to throw a great deal of their energy behind efforts they believe in: playing a benefit for  Hurricane Maria relief for Puerto Rico last Fall and the donation of proceeds from their previous single "Poor Relations" to the Standing Rock Sioux's fight against construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline in 2016 that it's hard not see new single "Jaipur" (named after the capital city of North Indian state of Rajasthan), as a similar though not exactly congruent political statement. It's hardly overt but there's a sense from the name itself and the the melange of instruments that appear that it's meant to be a celebration of diversity. Andrea Estella's lyrics are characteristically vague - universally applicable as she makes an appeal to be a kinder, stronger person. Less disco-fueled than any of their  self-titled sophomore full length, there's no denying the dance element that keeps the whole track shuffling along as a toe-tapping pace. Subtlety is the name of the game and Mr Twin Sister manage to stack their layers of strings, saxophone, and varied percussion with an impressive amount of clear precision that gives Estella's emotive vocals seemingly limitless room to crane and soar.

There's no telling if "Jaipur" is indicative of something larger (like the follow up to 2014's Mr Twin Sister) or meant to be a standalone single like "Poor Relations" and "The Erotic Book" but it's a delightful entry into their oeuvre that blends earnest songwriting with pretty straightforward dance pop sorcery.

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