Monday, February 24, 2020

Listen: Matt Evans - "Cold Moon"

photo by Gregory Wikstrom
My introduction to percussionist Matt Evans happened essentially by chance after attending a show featuring Ben Seretan and Boio. I hadn't seen either project in quite some time and was thrilled to see what both were up to but Matt Evans' immersive soundscapes were easily my favorite part of a night filled with four incredibly engaging sets. Part of Evans appeal lies in his ability to shift through tools and sounds in a "everything but the kitchen sink" approach without losing anything resembling clarity of tone or ideas. Even watching him make the sounds, the precision and playfulness was entrancing, the effortless blend of organic, man-made sounds created in the moment and electronic sounds previously constructed, created an elevated moment of absolute wonder.

"Cold Moon", the first taste of Matt Evans forthcoming full length record of experimental percussion New Topographics, is a slice of temporal displacing ambience. Awash in a digital sea of sound, Evans creates a lush tapestry of seemingly miniscule little moments that almost immediately slip you into a moment of zen. It's surprisingly busy, Evans swapping out soft brush strokes for chimes and bells, all against a backdrop of a lulling electronic hum and subtle drip. It's oddly meditative despite the fact that Evans is constantly in motion.

Matt Evans' New Topographics is out April 17th on Whatever's Clever. You can pre-order the record on vinyl, cassette, and digital. 

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