Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Listen: Guards - "Silver Lining"

Earlier this year, retro-rock troubadours Guards hinted at an upcoming full length debut and while the estimated date of delivery has come and gone (sometime in September was the consensus), the good news is that there's a definite release date now as well as a preview of what we're getting.

"Silver Lining", the lead single off Guards upcoming full length In Guards We Trust is an upbeat, carefree romp in a very similar vein of "Do It Again" and yet not a carbon copy. It's bright, sunny, and just the perfect tune to close out a summer full of beachy jams. Guards don't surrender themselves completely to beach-rock  vibe but it'd be hard to argue that they weren't at all influenced by it. The result is a fast-paced quickstep bustling with energy and fun but underneath it's playful demeanor there's layers of rock being made. Chug-a-long bass riffs, harmonies galore, and upward inflected flourishes on either synth or Kaylie's omnichord. It's a real toe-tapper if there ever was one. Welcome back, Guards. We missed you.

Guards' debut full length In Guards We Trust is out February 5th.

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