Thursday, July 29, 2010

Watch: Left With Pictures - "Half Time"

Earlier this week was the last Monday of the month, meaning that British chamber pop band Left With Pictures released the latest song/video in their ongoing In Time project. The video for the song "Half Time" was created by a group of the bands friends: directed by Jake Odgen, produced by Ben Kidd, and featuring Dan Ward, Hannah Ogden, and Chloe Ogden. The video has this sort of stop-motion like filming style which works interestingly considering the premise of the video is the three actors are running a race. The song itself is mellower than last month's anthemic love song "June" and is interesting in its kind of stripped down, psuedo-minimalistic melodies unlike anything I've heard from the band before but at the same time manages to still contain the band's signature sound. In fact, it's the song's simplicity both the melodic accompaniment and the vocals that make the song so memorable and nice to listen. Left With Pictures certainly didn't disappoint this month and its doubtful they will next month. Enjoy the video for July's In Time release "Half Time"

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