Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pitstop: The Stone Foxes

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So I actually stumbled upon The Stone Foxes completely by accident. Good Old War tweeted about their (Stone Foxes') Blip.FM Session and I mistakenly thought it was Good Old War's. I opened the link to find the four San Francisco indie folk rockers about to start their first song of the set which was "Mr. Hangman" and was taken with their old style rootsy blues folk. When their drummer pulled out a harmonica and started wailing away, I knew I was hooked. The band played a couple more songs while revealing themselves to be skilled multi-instrumentalists as instruments were passed around, someone pulled out a mandolin, the drummer played more harmonica, and good times were had by many. During the live show, the band revealed that they just currently released their sophomore album Bears & Bulls which the songs they played were off.

Hear what they sound like with the music video for "Stomp" off Bears & Bulls. If you like what you can check out their Blip.FM session here and/or buy their new album at their website here:

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