Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kishi Bashi - Room For Dream EP (2011)

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My introduction to violinist/singer-songwriter K. Ishibashi (or Kishi Bashi as he goes by when he's playing) at Sondre Lerche's Bowery Ballroom was a godsend. It's always refreshing to find someone to take an instrument like the violin and elevate it to a much more accessible and yet awe-inspiring level. I don't know much about Kishi Bashi other that he is also a member of Brooklyn based band Jupiter One with drummer Dave Heilman (Sondre Lerche's backing drummer).

For those introduced to Kishi Bashi's songs through his live shows, you're in for a bit of a surprise on his Room For Dream EP. Filled with sparkling arrangements, it's a bit easier to digest without the added shock and awe of seeing K. sing, play, cue loops, change instruments and other feats of technical precision. "Bright Waves" even with it's random Japanese lyrics has this feeling that maybe you've heard it before without actually sounding tired or done before.

Room For Dream though a short 4 track EP, has all bases covered with the complex folk gem "Manchester", orchestrated ballad "Conversations at the End of the World", vaguely poppy, easily accessible "Bright Waves", and and genre-bending "Evalyn, Summer Has Arrived" that manages to mash up rock with old school counterpoint that also features Of Montreal's Kevin Barnes. It's a strong set of tunes that really only makes you thirst for more. Here's hoping there's a full length from Kishi Bashi coming out soon because until that day, you're sure to have Room For Dream on repeat.

You can listen to Kishi Bashi's EP at his Bandcamp.

Kishi Bashi is currently on tour with Sondre Lerche but if you're in the New York City area, he has a solo show on July 6th at the Rockwood Music Hall.

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