Monday, June 20, 2011

Noah and the Whale release video for upcoming third single

Continuing with their richly cinematic style, British folk pop troubadours Noah and the Whale released the video for "Life is Life", the third single off their brightly optimistic third album The Last Night on Earth released earlier this year. Beginning with a ear-splitting scream, the video tells the story of a young girl fed up with her life and decides to run away while also featuring the band performing themselves. I've never seen Noah and the Whale perform live before but if they perform like they do in this video, with life-affirming charisma and adorably choreographed dance moves. It's a rather simple video with a rather simple plot and yet, still great. It's always nice when a music video has a story that also links up with the track it's featuring and this one is no exception. Enjoy the video for "Life is Life":

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