Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Voluntary Butler Scheme - The Grandad Galaxy (2011)

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Following in the footsteps of The Chevreul EP (released earlier this year), The Grandad Galaxy combines Jones' various music interests into one heaping helping of sounds and sonic pastiches from. Much like Chevreul, Jones isn't afraid of letting listeners hear his actual process. Instead of the seamlessness of At Breakfast, Dinner, Tea you can actually hear Jones slip loops up alongside each other and other various sounds of his actual music making. And yet even with the technical side uncovered and laid bare, Jones' retro pop melodies still retain their ability to completely mesmerize.

Having listened to The Chevreul EP, I was gradually introduced to Jones' change in style but for some one going directly from debut to sophomore album, the change is sure to be a bit shocking. And yet, Jones only benefits from the added layer of sounds. Now each song is filled with lovely simplistic melodies and a much more complex but personal touch. The result is an album in which new little things unravel after each subsequent listen. The kind of album, I know I'll listen to over and over again, not just because I want to hear any zany thing Jones has managed to cram into his songs but also because it's darn good.

The Grandad Galaxy is currently streaming at This Is Fake DIY a whole week before it's July 18th release along with Rob Jones' track by track details here.

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