Thursday, October 31, 2013

Listen: Camp Counselors - "Devil's Night"

Clearly I was wrong in thinking that Huntress, the debut album of Cemeteries' offshoot Camp Counselors, would be a sort of one-off release; at least for a little while. Releasing a brief bit of experimentation in the form of "Swept" soon after the album release, contributing a track to Snowbeast Records' Halloween compilation Rituals entitled "Incantations", and also premiering a brand new instrumental track on his currently in progress tour with Teen Daze titled "Night of the Demons", there's a bounty of material to be had from Camp Counselors.  And clearly Reigle shows no signs of letting up. To commemorate the horror aficionado's favorite holiday he's released a brand new instrumental track by the name of "Devil's Night". 
"Devil's Night" both continues in Camp Counselors exploration of synth sounds and in Reigle's inspiration in the macabre. Alongside the driving bass pulse there's a Night on Bald Mountain-esque melody stretched out on top imbuing the track with a sinister foreboding effectively realized when "Devil's Night" takes a noticeable dancier lean.    

You can listen to Reigle's contributions to Rituals both as Cemeteries and Camp Counselors as well as tracks from the compilations other artists here

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