Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Listen: The Debauchees - "Rancid Dancin'"

Assuming you've finally cobbled the bits of your blown apart speakers and extinguished the flames from Louisville trio The Debauchees' debut single "I've Got Energy", you might want to get ready to get back to work again. The Debauchees' debut full length Big Machines and Peculiar Beings is coming. Soon. And it's going to do it's fair share of devastation when all is said and done. But luckily, "Rancid Dancin'" takes a break from the incendiary fervor of "I've Got Energy" revealing that behind Sydney Chadwick's come hither thrall is really just a self-aware introvert.

In a lot of ways, "Rancid Dancin'" is very much the opposite of "I've Got Energy" which bristled with badassery and confidence, spotlighting insecurity dramatically. Where "I've Got Energy" pitched forward with a pretty merciless intensity, "Rancid Dancin" is all sultry swagger. Make no mistake, the track contains every ounce of spunky delivery of its predecessor but slows its momentum down a bit from boisterous rager to sumptuous toe-tapper. 

The Debauchees' debut Big Machines and Peculiar Beings is out November 12th on sonaBLAST! Records. 

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