Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Watch: Dry the River - "Gethsemane"

Just in time for their stint on the summer festival circuit, English folk-invoking indie rockers Dry the River have not only announced the follow up to 2012's Shallow Bed but also offered up a spanking new video for new single "Gethesamine".
The video, which features the new lineup after the departure of multi-instrumentalist Will Harvey, is a simple affair - capturing the band doing what they do best while dressed in their spiffiest duds in one of the concert halls they're sure to revisit on their upcoming Fall tour. Dry the River have a talent for the spirited crescendo, a tumultuous ebb and flow in their songcraft and "Gethesamine" is no different. After a heart-stirring slow burn where Peter Liddle offers his articulately descriptive lyricism, the track comes to a full on boil, picking up and galvanizing Liddle's lamentations into a ferocious sprint for the finish. "Gethesamine" is more than just a highlight reel of Shallow Bed's most winsome moments however - the new track is just that offering different applications of the band's learned skills and while working within the confines of their band identity. The three part harmonies and monumental climaxes are here to stay but the journey (and in this case the pacing) is a completely different one. 

Dry the River's sophomore full length Alarms in the Heart is out August 25th on Trangressive Records with details of a US release hopefully forthcoming. 

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