Monday, June 23, 2014

Watch: Sondre Lerche - "Bad Law"

After nearly a decade long career of being known for it, Norwegian singer/songwriter/popsmith extraordinaire Sondre Lerche is making a full on break from his nice guy image. There's been subtler attempts at it before (see lyrics to "Coliseum Town" for the possibly the most overt), but in the video for "Bad Law", the first single from his upcoming seventh full length studio album Please Lerche really goes for the gold.

The story in the "Bad Law" video is one we're all probably far too familiar, Lerche in a show of poor decision making has a little too much to drink and starts to humiliate himself more and more at a party. It says a lot about Lerche's charm that he can embody what everyone would probably agree as the absolute worst part of any party and draw a strange sort of enjoyment out of watching his drunken, increasingly embarrassing antics not with fingers over the face watching cringeworthiness but unabashed delight at his antics. Taking his cues from the track, Lerche's dancing is wild and erratic, especially during the track's most cacophonous moment building toward near nuclear levels of instability. There's an almost limitless potential for the video to dip into a pitiable tragicomedy but things are kept surprisingly and appreciatively light as we're shown not only Lerche's continuous unraveling but a little of the aftermath of the night's shenanigans.

Watch Sondre Lerche's video for "Bad Law":

Sondre Lerche's upcoming record Please is out September 23rd on his own Mona Records.

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