Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Listen: AURORA - "Running With The Wolves"

photo by Kenny Mckracken
After nearly a half year between her debut "Awakening" and second single "Under Stars" Norwegian singer/songwriter Aurora Aksnes aka AURORA is thankfully releasing songs with far more consistency. After beginning the year with "Runaway" AURORA announced her first official release: the Running With the Wolves EP. The title track of her forthcoming Glassnote Records debut continues the artful blend of Aksnes' folk-inspired narrative lyricism and grandiose pop choruses with just the right touch of synth tone exploration.

Similarly to "Awakening" and "Under Stars" "Running With The Wolves" relishes in its momental buildups toward expectation-shattering grandeur. But unlike past singles with utilizes a sort of trapdoor reveal, "Running With the Wolves" reaches its climaxes with a wave-like fluidity. AURORA's casual glide into stratospheric choruses are just as gradual as its descent from them. It's a subtle back and forth that speaks to the musicianship of those Aksnes has chosen to surround herself with; able to push and pull along with her intensity without distracting from Aksnes' twinkling vocals.

AURORA's Running With The Wolves EP is out now on Glassnote Records.

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