Friday, May 15, 2015

Listen: Sondre Lerche - "Despite the Night (Megamix)"

While hard at work on his follow up to last year's brilliant Please, Sondre Lerche understands the need to occasionally whet his fan's appetites. Ahead of his upcoming summer tour both in the US and in his native Norway, Lerche's dipping back into his unreleased song archives and combining one of his more recent tracks with his new-found enjoy of the all-mighty remix.

"Despite the Night",  a Please-era cutting room casualty, follows in the footsteps of party pop break up barnstormers "Bad Law" and "Legends" with its breezy melodies and effortless delivery masks an underlying disquiet. And yet despite its occasional dance-it-out vibe, "Despite the Night" finds Lerche more on the upswing than the shell-shocked and ruminating nature of most Please cuts. While Lerche avoided the tropes of your typical breakup record, its not hard to see why Lerche considered "Despite the Night" to be thematic inappropriate for the rest of that collection. There's a little too much light at the  end of the tunnel - "Despite the Night" plays off of serendipity and that feeling of uncertainty; but also new beginnings. "Despite the Night" is cautiously optimistic but also unabashedly fun. Maybe not to the point of "Bad Law" but it's a song that can be enjoyed based on Lerche' pop songcraft alone without the analysis of where Lerche's at emotionally in regards to the rest of Please. Distance will do that to you and something tells me Lerche's planned it just so.

Sondre Lerche's Despite the Night EP is out May 22nd and features a Trans-Atlantic smorgasbord of remixes from Bryce Hackford, Fancy Colors, Niilas, Stockhaus. Dates for Lerche's upcoming tour available for your perusal here.

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