Friday, June 3, 2016

Listen: Conveyor - "What a Low Heart"

Brooklyn based experimental pop quartet Conveyor are a lot of things. They're the aforementioned set of descriptors; they're a band that pushes themselves in everything that they do to make music that interests them and as a result are interesting to the listener. They're the rare band able to find and incorporate the humor in the very process of being a band. Conveyor are the kind of band you miss immediately after the record stops or they leave the stage. Thankfully, the foursome are back to release a new batch off tunes they've been playing for the better part of about three years, even while supporting their previous release Prime, an experimental film score to George Lucas' THX 1138.

"What a Low Heart", the first single from their forthcoming album Ready Not Ready, essentially finds the band picking up where they left off on their self-titled full length debut. The band's at home in their kaleidoscopic bursts of technicolor, and yet, it's not quite the same. On their new record the band set out to create a record that they could play with their usual set up of 2 guitars, bass, and drums, and that might very well be the most impressive thing about "What a Low Heart": that the band can pull the sounds they do out of just these four instruments. They've numerous years of playing together and yet that familiarity has bred experimentation even as the band strives to simplify.

Conveyor's new album Ready Not Ready is out July 22nd on Gold Robot Records. You can pre-order the record now.

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