Monday, June 6, 2016

Pitstop: Jipetto

As I get more interested in electronic music, it's been a treat to stumble upon more and more artists that are doing really exciting things in the genre. Take Jipetto, the project from Kansas City based producer Max McFarland manages to pair his pretty stellar production skills with forays into soul and funk in a way that seems every bit as legitimate as acts like Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Thundercat.

Releasing his debut full length Waterbed just last week, it's a tightly produced collection of songs that do a very, very good job of both introducing Jipetto as a producer of note while also showing seemingly the best he has to offer. It's a strong debut especially considering he just started releasing music in 2014 and from its very initial moment - the title track "Waterbed", Jipetto is at peak groove. It's a purely digital creation - much to my own amazement but there's no doubting the musicianship involved in its composition. The melodies are memorable, his vocals effective and raw, and most importantly the songs are actually interesting. McFarland's touch is light, the sign of an actually good producer, as he allows his songs to bow and bend with minimal effects. Despite the rising trend in incorporating R&B/hip hop beats for popular appeal by a number of acts that's grown far too considerable to list, McFarland's presents his music with a sense of sincerity that's certainly infectious. Jipetto's songs are masterfully produced, finding just the right balance point between McFarland's inspirations and influences and the sense of originality he has to offer as an electronic producer and the result are songs that are catchy, enjoyable but also exceptionally well crafted.  


Jipetto's debut full length record Waterbed is out now. You can stream it now via Jipetto's Soundcloud.

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