Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Listen: Incan Abraham - "In My Bones"

When last we heard from Los Angeles based pop rock outfit Incan Abraham they had finally put out their debut full length Tolerance after years of work and test driving the songs live. Tolerance's great success, apart from just being a strong collection of songs, was that it pivoted a bit away from the world music infused sounds of their Sunscreen and Ancient Vacation EPs toward a broader pop sound without shedding the elements that made the Incan Abraham such a worthwhile band to watch. 

"In My Bones", the first taste of new music since Tolerance was released a little more than two years ago, finds the band essentially continuing where they left off despite returning to the band's roots to write it and the other songs that'll make up their forthcoming album. Building on Guiliano Pizzulo's synths, "In My Bones" captures the anthemic feel and sentiment of Tolerance tracks like "Concorde" while nudging both their songcraft and lyricism forward. The song with its piecemeal development manages to achieve both a beautiful intimacy and the designs of its larger, more expansive sound. Where his guitar passes in and out of focus, Teddy Cafaro's vocals are resolute; giving the track much of its emotive power, a strength achieved more through its tender softness than pure blunt force and offered up as a rallying cry. 

Much like Tolerance relied on subtle musical moments to move it along, "In My Bones" is a subtler shift in both style and substance for Incan Abraham and one that certainly does pique my curiosity as to  how the rest of the band's new album will sound. Fortunately with Incan Abraham promising it next year it won't be too long before fans get the answer.

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