Monday, December 5, 2016

Pitstop: Yairms

On December 2nd I finally achieved one of my long standing show goals to see Athens GA experimental rocker Mothers live. I'd heard of them from CMJ 2014 but failed to see them both during that CMJ and on their subsequent NY visits. And yet despite their amazing set the most rewarding surprise of the night lied in one of their openers: a trio by the name of Yairms. Considering they've played shows with favorites Big Thief, Palm, WRITER, and Friend Roulette, I'm surprised I hadn't experienced them sooner. The now Brooklyn based band create a narrative driven blend of psychedelic folk reminiscent experimental rock. From the moment they started their first song of the night, it was abundantly clear Yairms was making music practically tailor-made for my interests: incredibly distinct vocals, infectious angular melodies, and curiosity piquing lyrical narratives.

There is, on their debut EP Part One, a delightful keen sense of self, a sidestepping of obvious songwriting tropes and song structure, and an innovative spirit that keeps the songs fresh even after numerous listens. While Yairms' only constant has been singer/songwriter Jerry Rodgers, there is a sense of collaboration as Rodgers enlists the help of friends to fill the ranks of both his live and recording outfit. That collaborative spirit is evidenced in much of Yairms recorded output - the drum parts provided by Andrew Hiller of Alhhla and taken up by Peter McLaughlin live are intricate and impressive: they're partly a showcase of sorts that still fit in perfectly with the songs. And that's part of Yairms appeal - the songs are complementary to Rodgers with no great pains taken to make them so. There is, even at their most frenetic, an ease and comfort and despite the fact that you probably haven't heard what Yairms is doing before there's an effortless feeling of familiarity that hooks you. They're pretty much guaranteed to become your new favorite band.

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