Sunday, April 24, 2011

Left With Pictures - In Time (2011)

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For those lucky enough to know about Left With Pictures last year, you probably witnessed one of the most daunting, artistic endeavors in their rather young lives. I'm referencing, of course, their In Time project: Composing a new song and video every month for the whole year, inspired by the month it was to be written in and released at the end of each month. The concept itself isn't that new but Left With Pictures definitely make it their own and the result is captured on their latest release, sophomore album In Time.

I had the great pleasure of viewing the project blossom over the past year but honestly, the monthly fixtures are only really done justice in album form where you can trace both the evolution of the year and the band's songwriting chops. Beginning with January's "Constantly", the album's sound isn't all that different than what you might've heard on Beyond Our Means or the Secretly EP at least until the band decides to take some risks. Risks that just so happen to pay off big like Toby Knowles acapella in "October Waits".

Considering the fact that the project wasn't envisioned as an album, it's pretty surprising how well all the songs fit together. Most likely the reason the band decided to put out the project as an album. On In Time, the classical musicians turned pop artists get to prove their talents as both composers and songwriters. It's a delightful blend of upbeat, easy listening music and music of the more serious sort. What stays constant throughout is the riveting stories of enchanting characters that you want to know more about. In Time's greatest achievement however (aside from writing a brilliant Christmas song) is in its ability to maintain a level of unpredictability throughout. Left With Pictures really challenged themselves to provide something fresh and innovative to great success. In Time is a great album with several absolutely astounding music moments that you're bound to be humming long after the album is over.

Left With Pictures' sophomore album is available via their record label Organ Grinder Records but also for those of us stateside available digitally via Amazon

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