Sunday, April 3, 2011

Megafaun rewrite history with new video for "Carolina Days"

Megafaun's sunny ode to their native North Carolina "Carolina Days" off mini-album Heretofore is getting the (rather rare) video treatment. In the video, Joe Westerlund plays God - creator of North Carolina and creations man and woman fall in love, marry, and discover many of lives simple pleasures like tobacco, shelter, domestication of animals, the printing press and the song "Carolina Days" before the two go on to fight the invading British and single-handedly win the Revolutionary War in the name of North Carolina. If that wasn't a big enough task, they're then given orders to procreate and populate the city of Raleigh, named after their soon to be born son. They don't seem too thrilled, but manage to do so in about a year. That's certainly commitment.

Watch Megafaun's hilariously entertaining take on World/American History in "Carolina Days":

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