Monday, May 2, 2011

Alexander - Alexander (2011)

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I'm not exactly sure how it escaped my notice until now but Alex Ebert, best known as the Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Ima Robot frontman, has released a solo record. The record was written, recorded, and performed solely by Ebert when he had breaks from touring with Edward Sharpe.

Alexander is one of those album that doesn't aspire to much of anything. It's a collection of songs, slaved over loving by Ebert for the enjoyment of the listener. That said, the album is not all that bad, the collection just happens to be peppered with a bevy of influences like 60s psychedelica, tropical pop, and a tidbit of soul ("Glimpses"). It's an album with definite standout tracks like "Truth" -where Ebert sings over a rather sparse reggae-esque accompaniment remiscient of Jamaican toasting-,traditionally folky "Old Friend", and easy, breezy Edward Sharpe-like "A Million Years".

While Alexander as a whole tends to be exactly what you'd expect, that in no way decreases it's value. Ebert is a talented musician and it shows in his ability to create pleasing music that's just sunny enough to guarantee itself a spot on your summer playlists. Ebert even throws in the occasional curve ball with out of left field songs of the more serious sort. It's definitely an album worthy of a listen.

Give Alexander a taste with the video for "A Million Years":

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