Tuesday, May 31, 2011


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Today marks the official record release of Brooklyn based band BELL's debut album DIAMONITE. You might remember that just a few days ago they had their CD release party and now you can actually get your hands on it. And after being teased with only 2 tracks from the album, you can now listen to the whole thing via their Bandcamp.

DIAMONITE certainly is a busy album. Not quite glitch-pop and yet far from fluid, the whole album is characterized by layered sounds of nearly every sort, pulsating drum beats, and Olga Bell's sultry vocals. Not only does each track manage to differ from the ones surrounding it but there's also massive changes within the tracks themselves (Most notably in "Magic Tape" and "Charlie"). It's an album that reinvigorates itself before the need ever arises and yet does so so artfully it doesn't come off like they were just scrambling for ideas. The album manages to be both organic and methodical in a way that would be utterly perplexing if it wasn't done quite so well. It's an album where every track has a standalone quality and yet fits well within it's context.

DIAMONITE is an album positively packed with great musical moments. Dance-y, poppy, and yet not exclusively either; DIAMONITE is an album that can be enjoyed in any setting: A quiet night at home or crowded club. It manages to conjure various soundbites and clustered soundscapes into sparse, spacious pieces liberally sprinkled with emotional intensity. Definitely an album worthy of a listen or five. Give it a listen at BELL's Bandcamp.

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