Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sea of Bees - Songs for the Ravens (2010)

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My introduction to Sea of Bees essentially happened just from me checking out venues in New York City. You see, there's about three bands/artists that seem to constantly play at various venues in New York City that have references. I checked out Sea of Bees first and I'm certainly glad I did. The moniker for Julie Baenziger, or Julie Ann Bee for those who can't pronounce her rather difficult last name, Sea of Bees is a California based musician who just happens to have taught herself a multitude of instruments. Her music is characterized by large swelling melodies and unbridled passionate vocals.

Her debut album, Songs for the Ravens, released almost a year ago is a collection of songs with varying styles held together with the common strand of Bee's powerful vocals. Whether it's the more rock-influenced "Marmalade" or twee-esque "Fyre",, Julie Bee never looses sight of what's she's trying to say. She also has this great knack for creating these lush soundscapes to accompany her unique vocal stylings.

It's hard to believe that someone could write songs about love so dynamic and so refreshing as Sea of Bees. And yet she does so effortlessly. Her ability to tackle an age-old form and breathe new life into it comes most noticeably from her frank sincerity. There's tons of singer/songwriters singing about love out there but Sea of Bees might end up being the only you really believe.

Get a taste of Sea of Bees with her video for "Willis":

willis from TERROREYES.TV on Vimeo.

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