Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Listen: Bobby - "Gummy Luck"/"Potluck" (Honey I'm Home Session)

This holiday weekend two things happened: First of all, I got really into experimental folk collective Bobby after remembering they existed. Secondly, I discovered while they've yet to put out any new music since last year's debut record BOBBY that earlier this year they did stop by The Wild Honey Pie and played some new songs for them. Score!

In "Gummy Luck" and "Potluck" we get two sprawling psychedelic jams that are catchy beyond belief. Different instruments shift in an out of focus and vocals handled in a sort of hit-and-run capacity. Arcing across like lightning before disappearing with no real evidence they were there.

Overall the two song session does its job of making me all kinds of excited for a new record as I'm  having a hard time turning "Potluck" off. It's sure to be a favorite on the new record.

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