Saturday, December 15, 2012

Watch: Jamaican Queens - "Kids Get Away"

Earlier this year we got our first taste of what Detroit synth-pop trio and former Prussia bandmembers Jamaican Queens were brewing up with a two song release. One of them (and the best of the two, in my opinion) was "Kids Get Away" and Jamaican Queens were nice enough to give us a video for it. The video, directed by Andrew Miller, finds a diner patron becoming more and more infatuated with his regular waitress. From his nervous tick to low-intensity stalking and mannequin decoration, the groundwork is laid to have you absolutely creeped out by the guy. And yet one thing Jamaican Queens are not is predictable and the video takes a pretty unexpected twist. I won't ruin it because it's pretty damn clever. So watch the video.

Jamaican Queens are also going on tour early next year so stay tuned for that.

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