Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Watch: Hundred Waters - Caverns (Live for Yours Truly)

Fun fact about Hundred Waters: Nicole Miglis, the collective's enchanting lead vocalist is a gifted classically trained pianist. This wouldn't really be important information except that on their first ever tour through New York the band sat down and created two alternative takes of two of their self titled debut's most beautiful tracks. One of them is Miglis' solo on piano and vocals on "Caverns" while the other is arrangement of "Visitor" involving 8 musicians (think brass, etc.).

While the upcoming 7" to be released on Small Plates Records will be all that is necessary for me to lose my god damn mind, in this one moment of non Hundred Waters induced hermitage I wanted to share this live video shot by Yours Truly of the alternative "Caverns" version. It's beyond gorgeous. Miglis playing contains little jazzy flourishes that elevate the already mesmerizing new take to Hundred Waters standard levels of unbelievable unpredictableness, differentness, and breathtaking beauty.

I have no idea when the 7" is set to come out but I want it. I want it so hard. Please, somebody make it so.

Watch Nicole Miglis breathe new life into "Caverns":
Hundred Waters "Caverns" from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

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