Thursday, January 16, 2014

Listen: Jessica Pratt: "Game That I Play"

                                                           (photo by Henry Diltz)

Stop the presses, hold the phone, and be prepared to drop pretty much everything else that you would otherwise be doing - San Franscisco singer/songwriter Jessica Pratt has another new song. "Game That I Play" is another in growing list of completed tracks that hopefully signals a follow up to her self-titled debut record. Like "Fortuna" and that other unnamed ditty that Pratt recorded for All Our Noise, "Game That I Play" arrives similarly without much ceremony, through the joint efforts of a Belgian Soundcloud account and the detective prowess (Google alert perhaps) of Gorilla vs Bear.

"Game That I Play" follows along in Pratt's beautifully somber 70s recalling folk stylings. From its carefully spun narrative to its perfectly utilized bits of dissonance, Pratt continues to operate on an entirely different plane than your standard singer/songwriter. Pratt doesn't resolve herself to merely lyrical feats of brilliance but instead pairs them with musical moments that stun with their simple beauty. Pratt rises to meet her poetic lyricism with beauty of its own - that of her own voice which outperforms her guitar here. Almost poppy vocal riffs answer as Pratt employs practically every part of her register. The result is a tune that's textural dense but delicate so. Filling each necessary inch with something terrifically worthwhile.

Jessica Pratt is currently on an European tour after which she'll play a set at Brooklyn Night Bazaar on February 21st. So if you're not lucky enough to be a European, you can catch her if you're lucky enough to be a New Yorker.

(via Gorilla vs Bear)

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