Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Listen: Sondre Lerche - "Palindromes"

Sondre Lerche has been teasing a new album he's been recording for some time now. Described intially as an ambient/experimental project, Lerche's only recently finally let the cat out of the bag. Rather than a proper record which we're just a due for (and Lerche promises is most assuredly on its way), the project was the recording of a soundtrack with longtime collaborator Kato Adland for the forthcoming indie thriller The Sleepwalker and while the trailer featured a chilling version of "You Sure Look Swell", "Palindromes" is our first taste of original content.

Beginning with a jog-like intro (aided in part by Dave Heilman's drumming skills) "Palindromes" manages to keep enough of Lerche's trademark pop chops while submerging it in a great deal of eerie that makes the track's alternate purpose quite clear. Unlike Lerche's work for the Dan in Real Life soundtrack, "Palindromes" doesn't sound like it could just be another album cut which is an exciting thought if you really think about it. Instead of disguising a potential track from his upcoming seventh album as a background noise, Lerche gets to flex his experimental muscle for a spell. "Palindromes" maybe be one of the soundtrack's five vocal tracks but allows itself to set a good deal of the ambiance, its not as unsettling as the updated "You Sure You Look Swell" but its not sunshine and rainbows either.

The Sleepwalker promises to be weird and creepy and I can't wait to see how Lerche's soundtrack helps articulate that. Here's hoping the wait isn't too long before its starts showing in theaters.

You can pre-order The Sleepwalker soundtrack now via Lerche's own Mona Records before its January 14th release date. Check out the trailer:

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