Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Watch: Wild Beasts - "Wanderlust"

To say I've been waiting for a new Wild Beasts record since the released their last record Smother back in 2011 would not be an understatement at all. But the English art rock band needs time to create and I suppose their fans have no other course of action but to wait. Recently the band has started to drop several hints as well as appear in collaborations that the new record was not only done but coming. And soon. Today, instead of their normal website, was a full screen video player of their latest single "Wanderlust".

Where do I begin? How do I love "Wanderlust"? Let me count the ways. While one of my favorite things about Wild Beasts was the juxtaposition between their obvious sophistication and the not so classy subject matter (Sex. I'm talking about the Wild Beasts talking about sex.), they're not one-trick ponies and they have other things to sing about.

The video for "Wanderlust" takes four very different characters and linked by a common thread of being on the run and kind of goes to town with that. Two very much have reasons to be: The Quarterback and The Thief run as part of their jobs while The Good Lady and The Girl are on the run from others. Let me back up. Because Wild Beasts aren't the kind of band to drop you in the middle of the action and hope you pick up on whatever the hell is happening. The protagonists don't start at a run, just like the Wild Beasts don't start at the climax. It's a slow build, a steady climb, a graceful surge as the floodgates of adrenaline and emotion burst wide open.

Wild Beasts' use of synth are nothing sort of elegant, the drums clean and polished, and Hayden Thorpe's vocals are stunning immaculate. Wild Beasts continue to create music with a watchmaker's precision which is even more captivating giving the songs' messy subject matter. Welcome back Wild Beasts, we missed you.

No word just yet on the new album but a new single is incredibly good news so stay tuned for some news on that hopefully very soon in the future.

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