Tuesday, March 4, 2014

All Around Sound is Turning Four - Day 2: We All Want Someone To Shout For

It's really a testament to Will Oliver's industriousness that I was largely unaware that We All Someone to Shout For was solely the work of him for an embarrassingly long period of time. The site updates so frequently with many posts a day that the idea that it was not only run but operated by a single person seemed utterly farfetched to me. The idea that We All Want Someone To Shout For is really only slightly older than my blog was also shocking but also inspiring. When first conceiving All Around Sound, the general set up of We All Want Someone To Shout For is essentially what I was aiming for - stimulating live reviews, passionate track and album reviews, and even bits of news here and there. It was a formula I toyed with but ultimately didn't work for me. But it's a good look for We All Want Someone To Shout For and one that succeeds based purely on Will's indomitable work ethic. As I went from a casual observer to an actual friend of Will's, his inclusion in All Around Sound's yearly birthday celebration seemed not only logical but necessary. We're essentially cut from the same cloth - sharing a tendency to be known for the bands we fiercely champion more than anything else, which causes a strange sort of pride (for me at least) as it means someone's paying attention enough to know what's you're fervently supporting.

Will's Contribution:
I tried to think of a really cool concept for the mix but struggled to find anything that stuck. So I thought about how this mix was celebration the birthday of your blog and realized that I needed to create a playlist that had some meaning and heart.I started blogging after many years of obsessing reading blogs and discovering so much cool new music. I first really started digging through blogs in 2005, during what I like to call the Golden Age. I have warm memories of discovering certain songs that permanently altered my relationship with music forever. To this day, these songs still hold a special place in my heart. I look back at them and remember the very moment I found these tracks and the awestruck feeling that only comes so often. It was like entering a new world, and it's one that I've emerged myself into with my own blog.
Without the songs that I shared with you on my mix, I wouldn't have started We All Want Someone, and may have never met you, or so many other fantastic bloggers. So I felt it was only right to create a mix looking back on the songs that shaped who I am as both a music blogger and (more importantly) a music lover.
 A big fat Happy Birthday to All Around Sound. Here's to many, many, more!

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