Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Listen: Creature from Dell Pond - "Eidetic Memory (Polygamous Frialator Arrangement)"

Last year, Boston based (sort-of) trio Creature from Dell Pond released their 5 song Go Exist EP, an EP equal parts grotesque and beautiful, riotous and quiet. The gem of the album was ender "Exquisite Kingdom" but it was a track that essentially required the tumultuous journey through Nolan Sullivan's cerebral punk-inflected bravado. Go Exist firmly established Creature from Dell Pond's character - to bristle, challenge, and rile you before any attempts to soothe; sending your headfirst into a pool of rock before casually revealing you were wading the whole time.

That's where "Eidetic Memory (Polygamous Frialator Arrangement)" comes in, the second on their 2 track Swamp Cake release. There's still a sort of handing of the torch present. Sullivan riffs through a sparse but jazzy version of Go Exist cut "Driving Horse" and then Gordon Walters appears with a much more straightforward presentation in "Eidetic Memory". And yet , Creature from Dell Pond subvert even themselves here. "Eidetic Memory" is the quieter, calmer of the two in theory but features a far fuller delivery. When the electric guitar enters it's cavernous, echoing throughout the space almost completely at odds the pleasant acoustic-accompanied vocals. And yet it works, that dichotomy within a perfect encapsulation of Creature from Dell Pond itself. Frankstein-ing the incendiary with the mild with just enough buffing to make it work.

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