Monday, March 3, 2014

All Around Sound is Turning Four - Day 1: Heart & Soul

In one week's time, All Around Sound will enter it's fourth year. In what is rapidly becoming tradition, I reached out to some friends of the blog to help celebrate with a week-long offering of curated mixes. Enjoy!

There's no denying that I share a sense of odd camaraderie with Rafael of Heart & Soul. Our blogs are vaguely the same age and we're probably the youngest writers in our musical circle. Paired together as the scrappy up and comers, especially in We Listen For You's assessment, our relationship could probably be compared to that of brothers somewhat close in age with Rafael serving more or less as my guide in the realm of outsider pop and all things ethereal and sparse while I mostly just help point out when Rafael's jokes are too terrible. It's win-win. While I have a tendency towards more streamlined production and lusher, fuller sounds, Rafael's influence has led into some rather unexpected cool paths - from my first Portals showcase to my first FMLY Fest and hopefully much more. When thinking of colleagues to help me ring in this special occasion (as has become tradition) it only seemed natural to (begrudging) extend my hand to Heart & Soul. I'm glad I did as Rafael offered up a somewhat personal mix with a thoughtful theme. 

Rafael from Heart & Soul's contribution:

So All Around Sound is entering its fourth year of existence, which in blog year is something like 28. Maybe that's dog years? Regardless, it's pretty impressive considering the amount of blogs that call it quits well before the four year mark. I figured an appropriate theme for this mix would be songs that are also turning four this year. Some of these come from artists I know Dante loves and a few might be a risk seeing as, while we do share a similar taste in music, it doesn't always quite match up. I guess that just makes it more fun. 

Anyway, this is a mix of mostly pop tunes that are pretty special to me for some reason or another. I attempted to arrange these tracks in a way that made sense to me. I hope that's at least somewhat apparent while you're listening. Here we go. Ten tracks from 2010.

Mutual Benefit - "Desert Island Feeling"
Belle and Sebastian - "I Didn't See It Coming"
Foxes in Fiction - "15 Ativan (Song for Erika)"
Glass Vaults - "Worrier"
Sea Oleena - "Island Cottage"
Wintercoats - "The Overture"
Holy Spirits - "Bridges"
Angel Olsen - "Some Things Cosmic"
Coma Cinema - "Black Birthday Cake"
Guards - "Trophy Queen" ft Caroline Polachek

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