Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Listen: Cold Specks - "Absisto"

If you were expecting more of the same on the follow up to London based singer/songwriter Cold Specks, you're in for quite the surprise. "Absisto", the first single from her follow up to 2012's I Predict A Graceful Expulsion is a cacophonous reinvention of sorts. A tumbledown of Al Spx's more pleasantly pliant sound, the tumult is quite appealing: placing her brassy vocals alongside brass calls and serpentine guitar riffs. Like presenting a lot of her characteristic sound in a funhouse mirror, Cold Specks warps and distorts the basic framework of her songwriting but essentially is the same artist at its core, capable of the powerful emotive surges albeit with a far more fiery delivery this time out. Clearly not afraid to fiddle around with her sound to achieve a refreshing alternative, it bodes very well helping Cold Specks avoid a slump.

Cold Specks' sophomore effort Neuroplasticity is out August 26th on Mute Records.

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