Friday, May 16, 2014

Listen: Steve Sobs - "Some Nights Last A Lifetime"

It might be my fascination with guitar wizardry and the fact that not too long ago I got the chance to see William Tyler weave some of the magic in the flesh that made me identify with "Some Night Last A Lifetime", the closing track from Brooklyn artist Steve Sobs aka Eric Littmann most recently released record Heavy Heart. Where the first single "Ugh" was an artful blend of synthetic and organic sounds with Littman's voice forging the dividing line - human but removed from too much emotion, instead "Some Nights Last A Lifetime" is heady rush of instrumental guitar. Littmann's distant drawl replaced by free form ambience - a layer of repetitive chiming electronics forming the base while guitars warble and bend atop; twangy but not quite reaching countrified dustiness. "Some Nights Last A Lifetime" is essentially another mood piece - trading the nostalgia of "Ugh" for a fleeting sense of aimlessness that never truly resolves itself, at least not all pleasant and tidily - Littmann ringing dolor from his instrument and transfiguring a beguiling clarity of ideas from a veritable sea of them.

Steve Sobs' Waaga Records debut Heavy Heart is out now.

(via Stadiums & Shrines)

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