Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Listen: The Dø - "Keep Your Lips Sealed"

After quite a bit of time recording it, hinting at it, and teasing it, Paris based duo The Dø are finally readying the follow up to 2011's brilliant sophomore effort Both Ways Open Jaws and if the first single "Keep Your Lips Sealed" is to be believed - it's going to be downright epic.

The single takes its cues from the more straightforward pop of Both Ways Open Jaws but is far more interesting to be in a simple retread . No, instead "Keep Your Lips Sealed" opens up like a chasm underneath you after Olivia Merilahti's initial and portentous delivery of the hook. Beginning that way, The Dø make it clear they intend to zig when they're thought to zag as the track turns into a downright blitz - martial percussion, sweeping melodies, and lithe expanse. That's before the verses enter and the track swings in a different direction - Merilahti's vocals purred low instead of cooed on high, rapid in delivery instead of fluid and flowing. "Keep Your Lips Sealed" is all about this juxtaposition, pitching forward to create a stream of climactic surges while the instrumentals give no real sign of stopping. In fact, the duo lay the groundwork so solidly that there could very well be more song if they'd liked but opted instead to keep it brief. Offering small doses of its wholesale infectiousness.

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