Tuesday, March 3, 2015

All Around Sound Is Turning Five - Day 2: SoftSpot

My excitement when Brooklyn based art rockers SoftSpot do, well, pretty much anything has risen to a rather surprising level since I was first introduced to them from past mix contributor Caleb Moore of Lands & Peoples. If there's a band that has provided some of the most consistent releases that you can return to over and over again, SoftSpot are such a band. It seems like if they're not touring behind an album, they're hard at work on another one and yet, there music never comes off as that of the run-of-the-mill career band. Each of SoftSpot's sojourns to the studio have resulted in records that manage to challenge themselves as musicians without coming across as an impenetrable art project. SoftSpot manage to find a pitch perfect balance between the complex layering of not only their song's textures but its subjects while also ensuring an engaging listening experience. They're a band that respect the full length album form and go the extra mile to tie it all together in surprising and inventive ways.

So of course I was incredibly interested to see how the foursome would take to the task of contributing a mix to my blog birthday celebration and lucky for me they were game and they're contribution is as diverse as their four members while simultaneously achieving a sense of logical singularity. It's a peak at the collaborative nature of the foursome as each voice was heard, considered, discussed, and occasionally debated until the outcome resembled something the band was proud to put their name on.

Enjoy SoftSpot's mix:

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