Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Listen: Villagers - "Hot Scary Summer"

After a briefer bit of time between records, Villagers are back and ready to release another one out into the world. Hardly surprising considering the band were playing new songs while on the tour supporting the last one but it's a pleasant surprise that the new album is coming out a lot sooner than anyone could have participated.

While on {Awayland}, Villagers experimented with bringing electronics into their sounds to enrich the songs' texture, "Courage", the lead single from the upcoming third record hinted at a return to the more organic sounds of Becoming A Jackal with a twist: everything part of the record from it's composition to its later stage production was done exclusively by frontman Conor O'Brien.

O'Brien has always had an incredibly talent for songwriting which has allowed him to explore much more than your standard love songs but on Darling Arithmetic, O'Brien turns his narrative gaze a bit more inward and the results are wonderfully resonant. On "Hot Scary Summer", O'Brien sings with a renewed vigor that seeps into the performance. Often times playing the narrator over subject, "Hot Scary Summer" gets much of its emotive force less from O'Brien's knack for the proper phrase but almost exclusively from the fervor of O'Brien's delivery. It's a refreshing intimacy that you never realized was missing until now.

Listen to "Hot Scary Summer":

Darling Arithmetic is out April 14th in the US on Domino. Pre-order is available now.

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