Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Listen: Son Lux - "Change Is Everything"

It's so incredibly easy to get lost in all the how's of composer/producer Ryan Lott aka Son Lux's music that you miss out on some very real moments of grandeur. That's hardly surprising - there's an awful lot going on in even the most basic Son Lux song as Lott finds more and more inventive ways to bring a refreshing newness to electronic music. And yet, for all his incredible innovation, Lott consistently hits it out of the park in the one aspect no one really expects an electronic music to: lyricism. Underneath the dazzling spectacle of chopped up and reconfigured instrumental parts; of vocal samples synced up played with a keyboard, Lott has a way for poignant lyricism that really makes their presence a distinguishing factor from other electronic music. 

"Change Is Everything" puts Lott's lyricism front and center where it deserves to be. "This moment changes everything" Lott sings and it's hard to ascribe that triumphant introduction to Son Lux's new direction. Bringing touring members Rafiq Bhatia and Ian Chang officially onto the project, a new label, a new record, Lott has a whole lot of change to speak of. And yet, one of the definitive qualities of Son Lux lyrics is a sense of universal application - Lott often stops short of exactly how the lyrics pertain to him and usually eludes direct explanations. It's a vagueness that instead of being of frustratingly sparse, tends to be marvelously life affirming. 

"Change Is Everything" makes those stellar music moments felt rather than heard however. It's a track that pulsates with a vibrant fervor that often culminates in stratospheric vocal work. It's astonishing just how much everything works in tandem here as the song itself radiates with a deeply felt sense of positivity. The newly minted trio are on to bigger and better things and there's no greater introduction to that than "Change Is Everything" a song of beguiling charm that's sure to set your heart a flutter.   

Son Lux's upcoming fourth album Bones is out June 23rd on Glassnote Records. The trio is currently on tour so be sure to find out when they'll be in your neck of the woods (if they haven't been already) here.

(via NPR)

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