Thursday, June 4, 2015

Listen/Watch: Jinja Safari - "Find My Way"

After releasing their debut full length self-titled record in 2013 (a record which has yet to enjoy a release further than their native Oz) and touring around it for much of the subsequent year, Jinja Safari entered a hiatus of sorts during which several of their members embarked on secondary musical adventures. Drummer Jacob Borg unearthed Berlin Bar Hounds, Marcus Azon teamed up with YesYou to form the much slicker pop outfit Cold Clinical Love, and co-frontman Pepa Knight out-paced his band members by releasing his debut Hypnotized Vol. 1 EP, a record which he was able to tour in support of several times before rejoining the rest of Jinja Safari for their much anticipated reunion.

With everyone's musical wanderlust more or less sated, Jinja Safari has returned with brand new single "Find My Way". While still employing much of the technicolor melodies Jinja Safari has built much of their tropical party pop around, there's hints of those other projects here - namely in Marcus Azon's more mainstream pop delivery on the verses. And yet with it's stratospheric swoops and positively resplendent harmonies in addition to it's assemblage of instruments, there's no doubt "Find My Way" is a Jinja Safari song through and through - a welcome addition to their catalog of eternal summer beach party folk pop. With it's first and oft repeated line of "Now I'll find my way back to you", "Find My Way" is a pretty apropos way to mark the band members re-invigorated return to each other and Jinja Safari's first new song in two years. Welcome back, Jinja Safari. You've got a whole lot of celebrating to do.

Get a sense of what hanging out with the globetrotting Aussies is like in their official video for the new single:

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