Monday, March 7, 2016

All Around Sound Is Turning Six! Day 1: Palm

Whether you're new to this here blog or you've been following for years, you may or may not know that this year All Around Sound is entering its sixth year of operation. While it doesn't have that sweet milestone feel like 5 or 10, any additional year of a blog running is pretty special. And so All Around Sound is turning six and like last year's milestone fifth year and the many years before it, I've sought fit to ring in the occasion with our annual celebratory mix swap.

I met Palm like I do most bands - completely by chance at a show while they opened up for the band I originally went to see. In this case I was lured to the BSP Lounge in Kingston by the mighty Buke & Gase almost two years ago now and Palm happened to be one of the two bands that were selected to open for them that night and unlike the other opener Celestial Shore I hadn't seen them much less even heard of them before that night. What followed was an explosion of technical but enjoyable noise rock. The fact that they were apparently playing all new songs that they hadn't even committed to recording yet while selling a cassette featuring older stuff pretty much sealed the deal on them and ensured that I went to see them every opportunity I had until they finally released their brilliant debut album Trading Basics last year.

When I set about brainstorming this year's contributors for All Around Sound's birthday, Palm seemed a natural choice if only to satiate my curiosity about what kind of music this kind of dynamic band listens to. When on stage, they're ferocious, wildly chaotic but impressively precise. Offstage, they're incredibly nice and delightfully fun. What do people like that even listen to in their down time? I asked and thankfully Palm delivered.

Listen to Palm's mix:

Due to not all of Palm's picks being available everywhere I've included their original tracklist in case you want to preserve the mixes continuity and listen to it in its original form.

Tom Dissevelt - "Orbit Aurora"
Nelson Angelo e Joyce - "Um Gosto De Fruta"
Skeeter Davis - "My Last Date"
DJ Rashad - "Ghost"
DJ Nigga-Fox - "Um Ano"
Micachu & The Shapes - "Sea Air"
Julio Bashmore - "Knockin' Boots"
R. Stevie Moore - "Don't Let Me Go To The Dogs"
Gary Numan - "Films"
CE Schneider Topical - "Something To Eat"
The Cradle - "In Your Hands"
Cooper Burton - "Ha Ha (Uh Huh)"
Every Kim Parcell - "Hard Moon"
Hank Wood & The Hammerheads - "I Thought I Was A Good Man"
Yellow Magic Orchestra - "Firecracker"
Gary Wilson - "Groovy Girls Make Love At The Beach"

Thanks so much to Palm for contributing this year AND if for some reason you haven't listened to them, I strongly recommend you get on that. Seriously. Here's a link to Trading Basics. Go. Listen to it and thank me later.

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