Friday, March 4, 2016

Listen: Hovvdy - "Problem"

If you happen to be looking for more fuzzy guitar rock in the vein of Alex G or Built to Spill, look no further than Austin duo Hovvdy. Beginning back in 2014 have made a surprising amount of progress so far releasing an EP and split with bandmate Will Taylor's other band Loafer before putting together their upcoming debut album Taster. Considering Charlie Martin and Will Taylor's downtempo jangle born from iPhone memos and their bedroom pop aesthetic, the comparisons to Alex G seem pretty apt but what makes Martin and Taylor notable is both a melodic straightforwardness and introspective lyricism that sticks to the relatable.

Where Hovvdy's past efforts have relied on drum samples and the like ("Treat"), "Problem" finds the duo introducing a real drum kit to equation and interlocking them with their guitars in a much more involved way than before making it much harder to believe Hovvdy is a bedroom affair. "Problem" reveals a band that's overcome a rather steep learning curve and has moved closer to making the kind of music they want with fewer limitations and here's hoping there's a lot more where that came from on Taster.

Hovvdy's debut full length Taster is out April 15th as a collaborative release between Merdurhaus and Sport Days Records.

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