Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Listen: Berlin Bar Hounds - "Skeleton"

It seems like ages ago now but back in 2014, the members of Australia jungle pop outfit Jinja Safari started to emerge from a break after their debut self-titled full length record with solo and side projects. Pepa Knight and Marcus Azon's side projects were more or less a given considering their roles as co-songwriters within the group but Jacob Borg's emergence as Berlin Bar Hounds was perhaps most surprising because the man was the only member of Jinja Safari without a microphone.

But Jacob Borg decided with a heck of a lot of prodding from Azon to give the singer/songwriter thing a shot and released "Le Rambles" and I'm certainly glad he did. In addition to revealing Borg as a decent songwriter it also showed that Borg possesses a svelte baritone that's sure to draw comparisons to The National's Matt Berninger. While his duties as part of one of the most energetic live bands has probably interfered with the more atmospheric appeal of Berlin Bar Hounds, the dissolution of Jinja Safari finds Borg back once again with a new tune. "Skeleton" is a much more rambunctious offering than Borg's past efforts and effectively utilizes his percussive chops. Where "Le Rambles" warmed up into his pop trimmings, "Skeleton" begins with them right out of the gate - blending keys, drums, bass, and a slight electronic hum that grows more and more prominent as the song progresses into full on synth melodies in the climactic instrumental breaks.

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