Thursday, August 4, 2016

Premiere - Watch: The Deloreans - "As Long As It's You"

Considering their most recent album "American Craze" was released way back at the very start of 2011, it's certainly a welcome surprise to hear from Louisville rock pop stalwarts The Deloreans. The fivesome are essentially one of Louisville's best kept secret and the rare moment they can be convinced to leave all that hometown glory behind so I can see them is always a plus.

After releasing standalone single "As Long As It's You" back in 2014, The Deloreans have returned to offer up another tantalizing release to help bide the time between albums and already given the honor of writing about the single before for a premiere, I feel doubly so that the band sought me out once again this time for the music video directed by Neil James.

James' video takes inspiration directly from Jeremy Perry's lyrics shifting the portrait of intense, passionate love to a dance piece. Much like the The Deloreans' track from which he was inspired, James' pairs the beauty of composition - in this case a lovely night scene lit with dozens of little lights with a slow-burning fury in dancers Mimi Hutchinson and Michael Nguyen as they play out a love story from its euphoric highs to its fiery lows. With only their costumes and the scene behind them not obscured in completely darkness - the narrative relies less on the expected ways to depict conflict: words, facial expressions and instead places the importance fully on the  visual components: the increase of dizzying camera shots, rapidly shifting angles, and of course the dance itself which proceeds from a playful song and dance, a chase, a romantic two-step, to violent leaps.

In case you missed it, you can listen to/order The Deloreans' "As Long As It's You" 7" now in its 2nd pressing here.

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